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Everything you should know about mobile proxies

These days, time is a very expensive thing. One of the ways to boost efficiency is to use tools that will scatter the web and complete tasks automatically, but sometimes they can’t work alone. In this article we’ll tell you all about mobile proxies and how they go hand in hand with your tools.


What is a mobile proxy?

A mobile proxy is a proxy that uses a mobile IP, of a real user. It allows you to collect unlimited unaltered data that hasn’t been personalized based on your online activity, automatically, when using a bot.

mobile proxies

When will you need to use mobile proxies?

There are many ways to use a mobile proxy for your benefit. In all kinds of aspects of your life, from the professional to the personal. Here are few examples.


Marketing Management

You’re looking to gather data for your business so that you can promote your product better. Using a bot to scatter information from all kinds of websites would help you tremendously, but these websites will figure out it’s a bot and block it out. With a mobile proxy, the bot will imitate a regular user, and could pass the security checks with no problem, and gather unaltered information for your marketing and advertising team.

mobile proxies

Comparing prices for an upcoming trip

Say you’re planning a trip to Paris. You want to scatter as many websites as possible to find the best deal you can get on a flight. With a mobile proxy, you could use your bot to look at hundreds of websites and get all the possible prices for you to compare, without the websites being triggered it’s a bot and preventing the automatic data gathering.


24-hour business

Want to be able to keep your social media up to date and running, around the clock, avoiding anti-bot technologies? Using a strong and secure 5G mobile proxy, you can set your bot to automatically upload posts, automate comments and likes, without you lifting a finger.


In summary

Mobile proxies can be helpful for you in many ways. You can create bots that will make your life easier and save you time and money – but without a way to study all the websites securely, the bots will be thrown out and blocked. With a mobile proxy you could imitate an actual user and use a real IP, to gather all the data you need, from anywhere, all the time.

mobile proxies

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