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Budget Friendly: Everything You Need To Know About Vacationing in Israel

Israel is a wonderful destination for many types of tourists. It offers very diverse landscapes just a few hours’ drive from any point in the country. However, Israel is also a relatively expensive destination, with high accommodation, transportation, and food costs.

That being said, there are many ways to reduce costs if you plan your trip intelligently. Here are several of them.


Find Hotels that Include Meals

Israel is an expensive country when it comes to food and beverages. Its de – facto island economy and lack of land for substantial agriculture means that food is almost exclusively imported, which naturally raises prices. Therefore, tourists planning vacations in Israel are also prone to the high food prices in the country just as any other ordinary citizen.

There is a good solution to this problem, however. Many hotels across the world (including in Israel) offer all – included breakfasts and other meals in their package. This means that one can cut costs significantly by choosing a deal that includes breakfasts in it. It also helps you save time on cooking or finding a suitable restaurant to dine in, giving you more time to travel.

נופש בישראל

Choose a Central Location to Stay In

Although Israel contains many attractions all across the country, there is added value to choosing a prime location for accommodation. This not only improves the overall experience by decreasing travel times, but it can also save you money on transportation, be it by bus or taxi. Attractions can be a short walking distance away from where you stay.


Rent a Bicycle

If you do wish to reach a farther destination around the city without paying a fortune, you may want to consider renting a bike. Cities like Tel – Aviv, and Jerusalem have thousands of bikes and scooters scattered across the streets. All you need to do is sign up for the vehicle’s corresponding app and start riding. These are usually very cheap and convenient.


Cook Your Own Food

If you did not manage to find an all – included hotel, after all, you can try cooking your meals. While this does tend to take time, it provides a much cheaper alternative for those who don’t want to spend too much on restaurants.



While it may be expensive, Israel is definitely a manageable destination in terms of costs and can provide a wonderful traveling experience for everyone who visits it.

נופש בישראל

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